Official competition results from the Springfield Area Highland Games, Chatham, IL, from May 21, 2012.

Detailed band and solo results are here.

The band competition results are as follows.

Grade 5 (3 competed)

1. Dundee Scottish  2. Chicago Highlanders  3. Chicago Academy of Pipes & Drums
Best Drum Corp Dundee Scottish*
Best Bass/Mid Section  Dundee Scottish

(* Chicago Highlanders was incorrectly announced as BDC during the Awards ceremony)

Grade 4 (8 competed)

1.   Chicago Highlanders  2.  St. Andrews of Central Illinois  3. Tunes of Glory  4.  Fountain Trust  5. St Louis Caledonia  6. Chicago Scots
Best Drum Corp Chicago Highlanders
Best Bass/Mid Section  Chicago Highlanders

Grade 3 (3 competed)

1. Midlothian Scottish  2.  Chicago Celtic    3. Strathdon Caledonia
Best Drum Corp Chicago Celtic    
Best Bass/Mid Section Chicago Celtic    

Piper of the day: Chris Farruggia
Drummer of the day: Tom Clower
Joe McMath memorial Award / Most promising young piper:  Gavin Lang