Both the 2015 MWPBA AGM and the Grade 4 Mini-MSR Seminar being held on Nov 7, 2015 will be streamed on-line.

To view the video stream, login to Ustream and view the MWPBA Channel.  The seminar starts at 10am, and the AGM at 1pm.  Get online a few minutes early to get set up.

If you are a voting band representative and you will be voting during the MWPBA, you will need to login to UStream so that you can cast votes by private chat. Anonymous users can still chat but will be unable to vote. For the seminar, anonymous is fine if you prefer.

HERE is the handout for the MSR seminar

HERE is the agenda and handout for the 2015 AGM.

Upcoming Events

Friday October 16
AGM Suggestions Due
Saturday November 7
Annual General Meeting (AGM)

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