All of the solo and band entries are now available and open for the three contests remaining in 2021.  They are:
August 7: Chicago Highland Games (Solo Only Event) - North Riverside, IL
September 4: Wisconsin Highland Games (Full Champion Supreme For Bands & Solos) - Waukesha, WI
September 18: Scotfest (Grade 5 American Pipe Band Championship & All Amateur Solos & Grade 5 Bands) - Broken Arrow, OK
You can enter all or any of these events here
The Wisconsin Highland Games has both the MSR & the Medley contests available for Grade 2 bands.  You can play either or both as they are two separate events.  Also at the games at Waukesha: the Grade 3-4 solo snare drumming prize winners under 18 will be awarded the Instruction Scholarships as part of the Irwin Scholarship Program. 
The Wisconsin Highland Games is a Champion Supreme event. 
ScotFest in Broken Arrow, OK will award regular sanctioning points for bands & soloists, and the Chicago Highland Games Solos in North Riverside, IL offers regular sanctioning points for soloists.
We're excited to be finally able to offer these events, and hope to see you at them in 2021.

Upcoming Events

Monday January 31
Last day for early-bird 2022 Band Registration. Fee increases after this date.
Thursday March 31
Band Rosters due!
Thursday March 31
Last day for band and solo regrade petitions for season 2022
Thursday March 31
Last day for early-bird 2022 Solo Registration. Fee increases after this date.

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