Non-competing bands, players, and enthusiasts are encouraged to support the MWPBA by joining as a Sustaining Member.

Sustaining Member Bands are included on the List of Bands on the MWPBA website, and the maps of member bands, which is direct advertising of the band for those looking for a band or piping/drumming instruction in their area, and enjoy the satisfaction of supporting the arts and the work of the MWPBA. Sustaining Member bands are non-voting members of the MWPBA.

Sustaining Solo Members are also listed on the MWPBA website, and their membership fees and support directly contribute to the opportunities available to the MWPBA in support of our goals.

Membership fees at the Sustaining level are deeply discounted to encourage membership.

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Upcoming Events

Sunday December 30
entry deadline: MWPBA Terry McHugh Regional Solos Qualifier (Gr4,Nov) - Kansas City
Friday January 18
MHAF Winter Storm Competitions, Kansas City
Saturday January 19
MHAF Winter Storm Workshops and Concert, Kansas City