The Contest Entry Form for the 2018 Pre-Season Regionals is now open and available.  You can find it under the Contests link at the top of the newly upgrade website, or use the button at the end of this message.

Please remember that if you plan on competing at the Kansas City Regional on January 12, and are playing at the Grade 1-3 solo piping level, you must enter that contest using the Midwest Highland Arts Fund's page. Grades 4 and Novice, both Junior and Senior, must register through the MWPBA's page.

  • Friday January 12 at Kansas City, MO (deadline Sunday December 31, 2017)
  • Saturday February 10 at Alma, MI (deadline Sunday January 28)
  • Saturday February 24 at Louisville, KY (deadline Sunday February 11)
  • Saturday March 3 at Milwaukee, WI (deadline Sunday February 18)

A date is being worked on for Minneapolis, MN, but information is not yet available, and will be posted as soon as possible.

These contests are open to all Amateur Grades in light music piping.
The top 3 available qualifiers in each GRADE (not event), from each contest, will qualify to play at the Terry McHugh Memorial Solo Piping Event to be held in the Chicago Metropolitan area, date to be announced soon.

Solo Registration forms for the 2018 season are also available; you need to be a member of the MWPBA or another pipe-band association in order to compete in the pre-season & regular season contests. Sign up before March 31 and save $5.00 on your registration!

The PM Ian Swinton Open will take place on April 21 in Park Ridge, IL.  Full details here.

The Registration Form to enter the contest is also available:



Upcoming Events

Sunday December 31
Winter Storm Registration Deadline (G4 & Novice, Jr. & Sr.)
Friday January 12
Kansas City (Winter Storm) Regional Solo Piping Event
Sunday January 28
Alma Regional Solo Piping Event Deadline
Saturday February 10
Alma Regional Solo Piping Event
Sunday February 11
Louisville Regional Solo Piping Event Deadline
Sunday February 18
Milwaukee Regional Solo Piping Event Deadline
Saturday February 24
Louisville Regional Solo Piping Event

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