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Champion Supreme standings as of July 13, 2012

Here are the current standings in the race to become 2012 MWPBA Band Champion Supreme, as of July 13.

This listing, plus the current solos standings, is available here.

Grade 1 

Band Points
City of Chicago 6

Grade 3

Band Points
Chicago Celtic 20
MacAlester College 20
Midlothian Scottish 12
Detriot Caledonia 8
Strathdon Caledonia 3

Grade 4

Band Points
Chicago Highlanders 34
Chicago Scots 18
Kansas City St Andrews 10
St. Louis Caledonia 10
Omaha 8
Tunes of Glory 7
Twin Cities Metro 6
St. Andrews Society of Central IL 5
Billy Mitchell 4
Fountain Trust 3
Milwaukee Scottish 2
Celtic Cross 1

Grade 5

Band Points
Chicago Highlanders 29
Dundee Scottish 23
Grand Rapids & District 16
Macalester College 8
Chicago Academy of Piping & Drumming 5
Grand Traverse 4
Greater Milwaukee Fire & Police 3



2012 Chicago Highland Games results

The official band results from the 2012 Chicago Highland Games, Itasca, IL, June 16, 2012:

Grade 1 Medley, MSR exhibition:
1. City of Chicago
Grade 3 Medley: (5 competed)
1. Macalester College 2. Midlothian Scottish 3. Chicago Celtic 4. Detriot Caledonian 5. Strathdon Caledonian
BDC = Macalester College, BBS = Midlothian Scottish
Grade 4 QMM: (9 competed)
1. Chicago Highlanders 2. Kansas City St. Andrews 3. St. Louis Caledonian 4. Twin Cities Metro 5. Omaha Pipes & Drums 6. Chicago Scots
BDC = Chicago Highlanders, BBS = St. Louis Caledonian
Grade 5 QMM: (5 competed)
1. Chicago Highlanders 2. Macalester College 3. Cyril Scott 4. Dundee Scottish 5. Chicago Academy of Piping & Drumming
BDC, BBS = Dundee Scottish
Piper of the day: Chris Farruggia
Drummer of the day: Dustin Boyd
Complete band and solo results are available here.

2012 Milwaukee results

The official band competition results from the 2012 Milwaukee Games, June 2, 2012:

Grade 3 MSR: (1)
1. Midlothian Scottish

Grade 4 Medley: (6)
1. Chicago Highlanders 2. Chicago Scots 3. Billy Mitchell Scottish 4. Tunes of Glory 5. Milwaukee Scottish 6. Celtic Cross

Grade 5 QMM: (4)
1. Dundee Scottish 2. Milwaukee Fire and Police 3. Chicago Academy of P&D 4. Chicago Highlanders

The full band and solo results are available here.


2012 Alma Results

The official results are in from the Alma Highland Festival on Saturday and Sunday May 26 and 27.

Congratulations in particular to the following bands:

  • City of Chicago - US Open Champions, Grade 1
  • Great Lakes - US Open Champions, Grade 2
  • Windsor Police - US Open Champions, Grade 3
  • 87th Cleveland - US Open Champions, Grade 4
  • Alma College - US Open Champions, Grade 5

The full band and solo results from both days are available here.


2012 Springfield Area Highland Games results [updated with solos]

Official competition results from the Springfield Area Highland Games, Chatham, IL, from May 21, 2012.

Detailed band and solo results are here.

The band competition results are as follows.

Grade 5 (3 competed)

1. Dundee Scottish  2. Chicago Highlanders  3. Chicago Academy of Pipes & Drums
Best Drum Corp Dundee Scottish*
Best Bass/Mid Section  Dundee Scottish

(* Chicago Highlanders was incorrectly announced as BDC during the Awards ceremony)

Grade 4 (8 competed)

1.   Chicago Highlanders  2.  St. Andrews of Central Illinois  3. Tunes of Glory  4.  Fountain Trust  5. St Louis Caledonia  6. Chicago Scots
Best Drum Corp Chicago Highlanders
Best Bass/Mid Section  Chicago Highlanders

Grade 3 (3 competed)

1. Midlothian Scottish  2.  Chicago Celtic    3. Strathdon Caledonia
Best Drum Corp Chicago Celtic    
Best Bass/Mid Section Chicago Celtic    

Piper of the day: Chris Farruggia
Drummer of the day: Tom Clower
Joe McMath memorial Award / Most promising young piper:  Gavin Lang


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The group is moderated, will only be used for purposes related to the MWPBA, and your email address will not be distributed.  You can unsubscribe at any time, and it is free.  You do not need to be a member of the MWPBA to sign up.

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2012 Chicago Mini Bands results

Here are the results of the Chicago Mini Bands contest, held at the Sears Center Arena in Hoffman Estates, on April 28, 2012.

Grade 3 Medley (1) 1. Midlothian Scottish
  MSR (1) 1. Midlothian Scottish
Grade 4 QMM (7) 1. Chicago Highlanders C   2. Tunes of Glory A   3. Chicago Highlanders A
  Medley (7) 1. Chicago Highlanders B   2. Celtic Cross   3. Chicago Scots B
Grade 5 QMM (3) 1. Dundee Scottish   2. Chicago Highlanders A   3. Chicago Highlanders B

The judges were Adrian Melvin (piping) and Andrew Hoinacki (drumming).

Full results and placings are available here.


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